Removing The Tension From Your Lease Extension

Complicated. Confusing. Time-consuming. That’s what you probably think about extending the lease on a leasehold property.

Of course, that’s if you’ve thought about it at all. Most people prefer to put it off and off until it’s too late and starts to become a serious problem.

We sympathise. Extending the lease on a leasehold property can be a real pain. Every case is different…there’s various different elements and variables to consider…and the paperwork alone can be a real nightmare.

The good news is, thanks to Leasegevity: you don’t have to worry about any of that. We are able to take care of everything and make extending your lease as easy as meeting for a cup of coffee or a quick call on the telephone.

Still, to help put your mind at rest and fill you in on some of the basics when it comes to renewing a lease on a leasehold property, we’ve put together some helpful guidance here:

When Should You Extend?

The Extension Process

Key Words And Terms

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