Extending Your Lease During These Uncertain Times: What Can You Do?

Above all else, we hope during these troubling times you and your loved ones are feeling well.

As we pointed out in our recent post to our followers, here at Leasegevity we are doing all we can to minimise the spread of coronavirus by following government guidance and working at home.

We continue to represent our current clients and are dealing with the cases we have active…

And we’re thankfully still in a position to be able to continue to advise on lease extensions and take on new cases as required.

If you’re worried about a lease coming to an end or if it’s approaching a point at which you should be looking to extend, you can still get in touch with us here at Leasegevity.

Though the office is closed, you can still contact us via our email address at

We’ll respond to you as soon as we’re able and organise a call as required.

That said, you might be wondering what exactly is the situation is with regard to extending leases at this time?

As you might expect, it’s all a bit in the air and some delays are anticipated…

But things are continuing as usual where possible.

Email Only as A Rule

The advice depends very much on where your case might be.

Where possible, the courts are trying to process things as usual but communicating via email, rather than face to face.

Property inspections are being cancelled or postponed.

And any court hearings that did require a face to face situation have been postponed.

If a case is particularly urgent, it’s being advised to contact the Tribunal by email directly. Of course, this is something we would do for you if it’s necessary.

Obviously, at the moment no one really knows how things will play out with the spread of the virus and things are changing all the time.

But the key thing is not to worry or panic as each case will be resolved accordingly in time.

Indeed, the guidance points out that the intention is to deal with all cases fairly and justly.

If you have any questions, you can email us and we’ll clarify the situation for you…

Or you can find the full breakdown of the measures being taken by visiting the LEASE website here:

Time to Prepare

Though the situation is far from ideal, it does give us time to prepare cases and do all the work we’re able that doesn’t require contact with people.

So, if you were on the verge of looking into your lease extension before this all happened, it’s still a good idea to get in touch and we can get the ball rolling.

Just email us at or reach us through our contact page here

And remember, above all else, be safe and keep a close watch on the government advice.

These are of course distressing times, and everyone is being impacted by what’s happening…

But by each doing our bit to help stop the spread of the virus, we’ll hopefully get through it sooner rather than later.

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